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Using Fabrics To Create Blankets Or Quilts As Gifts

Choosing Fabrics

Do you need a quilt or a blanket to give out as gift? It could be that you are impressed by your loved ones or you simply want to surprise them. Either way, a quiltquilting fabrics or a blanket will do you good. While most people prefer buying ready-made quilts and blankets, it is possible to make your own using fabrics. In fact, this option is even cheaper. You can achieve this by using patchwork quilting supplies. Here are some steps that you need to follow to accomplish this:

  1. Cut the pieces of fabric

At this stage, precision and accuracy is not a necessity, so you can cut the fabric into whatever sizes you like (most people prefer seven inch square pieces). It is advisable that you cut along edges of a triangle to get a decent square.

  1. Cut a squares of quilt batting.
  2. Put one piece of batting between two fabric squares and then stitch an X across it.
  3. Line up the layers

In many instances, pieces won’t line up in the square. In fact, even if you use two pieces of fabric and precisely cut them, it is still a challenge to maintain the layers nicely lined up. So, how can you deal with this challenge? Well, you just have to cut the pieces imprecisely and use rotary cutter to cut the pieces. The outcome is precise and nicely lined up squares.

  1. Begin assembling the quilt

Upon completion of the steps above, you need to concentrate on assembling your quilt. And do not forget to sew the wrong sides of your squares together. Also, know the side that you want the seams to be.

  1. Use a pair of scissor to create good movies

When doing this, snip all the edges such that the seams frazzle up nicely. Be cautious not to cut stitches.

  1. Wash and then dry the quilts

This is aimed at making the seams frazzle up nicely. Although it is recommended that you do at least three washes, if you are in hurry one wash is enough.The process wasn’t hard. Was it? So, instead of purchasing ready-made quilts and blankets, customize one for yourself using fabric by using patchwork quilting supplies you can buy easily online or from arts and crafts shops. You will find it an enjoyable task and you won’t regret it.

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